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Corporate Social Responsibility

"Moteko is committed to providing Social Responsibility through involvement with various charities, community groups, families and individuals as a way to investment back socially."

We believe in Technology and the benefits derived from it and we have practically demonstrated by donating a fully-furnished computer lab in a rural Matshipe Primary School in Moutse, Dennilton, Limpopo province. Moteko believes that Technology, if fully utilised has the potential to transform the school

and it’s surrounding environment more so change the future of the children by bridging the social gap and inequalities that exist.

• Computer Lab Sponsored by Moteko Matshipe Combined School Dennilton - Limpopo -Jan 2012
• Moteko science, maths and commerce education programme for Amajuba district municipality distributing numerous Scientific calculators, as well as study aids (2012)
• Consistent donor to under privileged families and communities Building a house in Madadeni Section 7, Newcastle (The Khumalo Family)(2011)
• Sponsoring Soweto athletics Sponsored a number of varsity students (of which many graduated)
• Sponsored two schools with over 900 pairs of Shoes (Baphalane and Ramokoka Primary School, Ramokokastad, Brits, North West)(2015)


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